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'Hey I'm Walking here!' - Belinda - A3 Risograph print


This is Belinda.
Belinda has been described by many as ‘incredibly glamourous’, by others as ‘extremely elegant’. There has been the occasion when individuals have called her ‘extraordinarily refined’ or ‘charmingly charming’. Members of the public often stop her in the street and exclaim ‘Oh my you really are quite wonderful!’ or ‘What a fascinating and alluring creature you are’. Other folk have deemed her ‘both beguiling and bewitching!’ Whilst in some circles she is known as ‘Completely captivating’ or ‘One of a kind’ or ‘simply gorgeous.’
Belinda is much more modest and if she had to characterise herself then she would probably say she’s ‘quite fancy.’

Belinda is 1 of 6 characters from the 'Hey I'm Walking here!' Series of Prints showing people walking to or from somewhere. But where?

2 colour (Fluro Pink and Green) Risograph print on Grey Sugar Paper.

Signed by artist (me) in Green Pencil.