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'Hey I'm Walking here!' - Sandra - A3 Risograph print


This is Sandra.
Sandra works in Fashion or rather a shop called ‘Fayshawn’ which is meant to be pronounced Fashion. She enjoys working in the shop but often day dreams about the day when she will have her own Fashion collection called ‘The Sandra Collection’. Although Sandra has no actual experience in fashion design or ever done any sewing of any kind, the outfits that she has created in her head are really quite something. One of them is a huge silver kind of thing with a pink bit made from a new not-yet-invented material that is incredibly smooth plus it has these other bits on it that are really hard to describe but trust her they’re gorgeous and also amazing. Another outfit is incredibly long but also quite short and is also made from a new not-yet-invented material that glows depending on what you last ate.
Sandra regularly checks fashion blogs to see if any fashion designers have accidentally copied her imaginary fashion designs. So far none have.

Sandra is 1 of 6 characters from the 'Hey I'm Walking here!' Series of Prints showing people walking to or from somewhere. But where?

2 colour (Fluro Pink and Green) Risograph print on Grey Sugar Paper.

Signed by artist (me) in Green Pencil.