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'Hey I'm Walking here!' - Terry - A3 Risograph print


This is Terry
Terry is a fun loving guy who just loves fun. People often say to Terry “How come you’re so fun Terry?” And he says “I was born this way!” and it’s true he was. Terry’s mum, Barbara, has said that the minute that Terry was born he was fun. She says it’s hard to put her finger on what exactly made little Terry so fun. Perhaps it was his smile or the way he would cheekily tilt his head to the side or perhaps it was the fact that he could instantly learn any dance move that he saw on television. The Moonwalk, The Macarena, The Twist and the Shout.
Terry doesn’t dance as much now as a grown adult but says he would like to. “I would like to. It’s just hard to find the time sometimes.” Said Terry.

Terry is 1 of 6 characters from the 'Hey I'm Walking here!' Series of Prints showing people walking to or from somewhere. But where?

2 colour (Fluro Pink and Green) Risograph print on Grey Sugar Paper.

Signed by artist (me) in Green Pencil.