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'Hey I'm Walking here!' - Howard - A3 Risograph print


This is Howard.
Howard absolutely loves suits. He has 403 and counting. He only purchases his suits from ‘Absolutely suits’.
Howard has had the tailors at Absolutely suits make him all manner of suits including a decuple breasted suit, a suit made out of a sleeping bag so he can use it whilst camping and a suit that looks like a suit but is actually pyjamas.
Once Howard got ketchup on his favourite suit and tried to sue the makers of the Ketchup. The case was nearly thrown out of court 4 times but after 6 months he eventually won and the manufacturers of the ketchup agreed to pay for his dry cleaning bill, though not his lawyer’s fees.

Howard is 1 of 6 characters from the 'Hey I'm Walking here!' Series of Prints showing people walking to or from somewhere. But where?

2 colour (Fluro Pink and Green) Risograph print on Grey Sugar Paper.

Signed by artist (me) in Green Pencil.