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'Just Let's Tessellate.' - A5 Risograph Print - Individual Prints.


4 different tessellating A5 prints that incorporate spots, dots, lines and a similar off centre motif / composition.
3 colour Risograph prints printed on Munken Lynx 240gsm.

Just Let's Tessellate 1 - Teal, Fluro Pink and Yellow.
Just Let's Tessellate 2 - Teal, Red and Gold.
Just Let's Tessellate 3 - Yellow, Medium Blue and Orange.
Just Let's Tessellate 4 - Red, Yellow and Medium Blue.

Signed and dated.
These are the individual prints. You can buy these as a set where it says 'Just Let's Tessellate.' - A5 Risograph Print - Set of 4 Prints.