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'Hey I'm Walking here!' -Tony - A3 Risograph Print


This is Tony.
Tony enjoys long country walks, combing his thick hair, and fish tacos.
At secondary school Tony won the long jump, the high jump, the triple jump and the pole vault (without a pole) every single year. (Apart from one year when he had an upset tummy but we don't talk about that.)
One year he was approached by an athletic coach from the local athletic club who asked Tony if he was interested in going pro. Tony said 'Nah, I'm cool.'
Now many years later Tony often wonders what would happen if he could travel back in time and say yes to that coach.
But he can't cos time travel doesn't exist, as last year's U.S election proved.

Tony is 1 of 6 characters from the 'Hey I'm Walking here!' Series of Prints showing people walking to or from somewhere. But where?

2 colour (Fluro Pink and Green) Risograph print on Grey Sugar Paper.

Signed by artist (me) in Green Pencil.